P.S. What's the deal, you ask, with the site name "The Insufficient Skeptic"?  Luckily I never had it tattooed on my anatomy. It's charm for me, as a catchy name, has dimmed. But the backstory is this:

Once upon a time I wrote a profile piece about a guy much in the public eye. A few of his detractors (two, exactly) later chided me for failing to uncover what they said were were known lapses of my subject's character and job performance. I wondered, had I failed to exercise sufficient journalistic skepticism?  Were these flaws of his relevant to the angle of the story?  Should this piece of fluff even have counted as journalism?  I had a flash of an idea that the habit of hard cynicism, so zealously cultivated by the press corps, can pull as much gauze over the eyes as gullibility.  And then I wondered if I'd just brilliantly rationalized my incompetence. The point is to keep wondering.

At least one of these things must be true::

We are all irrationalists to a degree, unconsciously forming our own inferences about the world.  We gravitate toward the data that supports what we suspect or believe. Empirical thinking and fact checking keep us honest about what we observe. Art keeps us free to observe without the intrusion of skepticism.  Writing puff pieces for money helps pay the bills.         

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   "Whatever" Section:

Hoo. Rays. I took this shot from the driveway one evening after a sudden violent storm that passed quickly and signed off with this stunning apology for the disturbance. ‚ÄčNo pixels in this photo were harmed by Photoshop (c).         

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