P.S. What's the deal, you ask, with the site name "The Insufficient Skeptic"?  
Once long ago, somebody commented that I hadn't exercised sufficient skepticism in writing a profile piece about a prominent public official. I chewed on that 'til my jaws ached.  I doubled-down on my skepticism. Since then, the world has given us ever-more ruthless cons, faux facts and fakers. I'm just weary of cocking a fully loaded eyebrow at everything.  My eyebrow is tired. I have grown unattractive frownie lines in my forehead. It's just a pleasure to focus more these days on topics that light up my native curiosity and give my face a rest.   

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BLOG, BARELY features rambles I occasionally write just for this site, along with some photography. If you've never been to this page, go see what's accumulated there. Some fun stuff.  When I lapse into a creative torpor, I find doing a post reinvigorating.       

Hop to the BLURBOSPHERE to see what I'm liking of late. I don't mean the social media variety of "liking," as when a person snaps a selfie in the aisle of a supermarket to update his/her status and you emote back: "Wow. Cheetos. Good choice." On my Blurbosphere I post substantive little burbs about people I've come in contact with whose creative work, interesting deeds or tiny moments of brilliance I wanted to put here for you to discover as well.