Street cred: ​
For the past decade or so I've worked as a freelance feature story writer (soft news, intriguing subjects.) Most of my work has appeared in regional weeklies or mid-market daily newspapers.  Before that I was the long-time head of external communications for a state government agency. My work involved media relations and consumer education/outreach programs.  
      Earlier, I spent a number of years producing a monthly government news publication at the direction of the Vermont Governor's Office.This is actually where I found my love of writing human interest and technical feature stories that explored territory others might tend to overlook. I received a  national award for organization communications writing in connection with this work.     
     A fun fact from my past: Few people know or recall that I was was once employed as the the track photographer for a New England NASCAR race track that bills itself "The Nation's Site of Excitement." It was a culture I had no prior experience with, but seeing it from the inside and getting to know the people involved, I came to understand what fans found exciting. How could you not if your job was to capture and promote it?  A lesson in getting to the heart of things.  ​     
     I've been an arts and live music event promoter and co-founded a program in Vermont called Town Braintap  - an unusual guest speaker series that tapped into Vermont's heady mix of down-home local know-how and world class celebrity talent. Our consumer guarantee: Mind candy for the curious. More fun than paying bills or shoveling snow. Better for you than contemplating the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Where I come from: 

I was born in northern New Jersey, a short bus/ferry ride from lower Manhattan. As an adult I lived primarily in Vermont, which I still think of as home.  My husband and I recently moved to the Twin Cities area in Minnesota to be with family for a time.                 





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