A Gallery of Governators
A Humorous Look Back at Some Behind-the-Scenes Government Photo Shoots  (Dec. 2011)

In the time before digital cameras, I had a home darkroom and passable photography skills. WhiIe working in communications for state government, I became someone the Governor's Office staff or other agency officials would call upon to memorialize special non-public events, or sometimes shoot minor public ceremonies the media might find too trifling to attend. Here I give you some of those 'til-now undisclosed shots, with their amusing backstories....  (MORE)
At left: An arranged meeting for a star-struck fan with his hero Arnold Schwartzeneggar in Governor Richard Snelling's inner chambers.   


Vermont Feral Pheasants Make a Stand 
And One Lonely Boy Looks for Love  (​May 2012)

"Sex, Please. Sex, Please. Check me out. I'm a study in avian studly-ness. If you're a female pheasant with a pulse, I would like to give you a batch of chicks. If you look anything like a pheasant, let's talk." 
Those, I would imagine, are the approximate thoughts of a beautiful, wild male ring-necked pheasant I've come to know well this spring. For over a month he's come out of the puckerbrush and has been been wantonly advertising for a mate on our front lawn. His customary habit of extreme wariness has given way to a case of blinding, bird-brained desire.... (MORE)     
​Left: The male subject of this story, horns raised, manly chest puffed.    


The Mother of All Maples: An impressive Find in an Old Family Grove(​Oct. 2011)
Dave Strong of Plainfield, Vermont, asked me to photo-document some of the year-round work that goes on at his family's sugarmaking operation in Orange. The 1800's homestead has an extensive old maple grove and modern sap collection equipment. As we left the sugarwoods, the "mother tree of the grove" came into view on an nearby ridge (photo left.) That's Dave underneath it, for a sense of scale. About a third of the tree's height shows here. Dave was habituated to its massiveness, but I was not. My amazement amused him. Eventually, though, he called in a State forester to try to settle the matter of where this still-living maple stood in Vermont's giant tree records books. A big surprise! You can watch this 5-minute photo-documentaryI made to find out.   


Rock, Gravity, Friction: 
​Statements in Stonework (June 2014)

One day I plan to have a bumper sticker made that says: I BRAKE FOR STONE WALLS. Let the person behind me think about that one. When out wandering, if I happen to spot something artfully built of fieldstone - a wall or a landscape feature -- I do like to pull over and have closer look. Surprises lurk in the details. One Vermont village boasted a wall with rusted farm implements and parts embedded in the structure.  Was it just a metal-and-rust-lover's design whim?  Or an agricultural allegory?  (Would that be an agrigory?)  If so, here would be that backstory:  (MORE)

More stuff coming...