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​​​​​A Family of Ring-neck Pheasants Strives to Thrive in Vermont  

​They aren't natives and Vermont is not an easy place for them to make a stand, but a group of these pheasants showed up on my land one year, made it through a winter, and the following spring one male went looking for love in all the wrong places.  

Jack Jaffin, Mild-mannered Dentist by Day....  
In 1941, he was seen hanging out with A-list movie stars, royalty, literary greats, leaders of the free world, and suspected Nazi sympathizers. What was his story?  

All Creatures Oddly Bright and Beautiful 
A  very unusual looking white-headed cardinal made an appearance at my bird feeder near White Bear Lake, Minnesota, three years ago, and it's still here. Such sightings highlight the human tendency to place great value on rarity.    

Schmoozing with Schwartzenegger,
and other "This Actually Happened" Stories

Just a humorous collection of mildly interesting and amusing photographic moments I had, working as a communications officer and photographer for the State of Vermont.

​​Heartbeats of the City 
The short, lost history of the man behind the first tele-medicine of its kind, a remotely operable EKG device he invented in 1926, decades before anything else like it came into use. It's also the larger story of his efforts to bring medical care to all in need in his city. 

The Mother of All Maples: An Impressive Find in a Family Sugarwoods in Orange, Vermont. A 5-minute slide-documentary.
When Dave Strong asked me to document the year-round work that goes into producing maple syrup on his family's land, I was bowled over by the enormous tree that stood as the "mother" of the grove.  It now holds a special distinction.