Ricka McNaughton Writing, Photography

‚ÄčHeartbeats of the City  (PDF)
June 2019

The Short, Lost History of Dr. Jaffin's Big Ideas in Medicine 

Summary: In the 1920's, a practical minded family doctor was credited with a medical first when he designed a device to transmit his patient's cardiac signals over a phone line to an EKG machine blocks away. When resurrected, this "Watson Come Here" moment proved fascinating to modern medical historians. But it also placed on the examining table Dr. Jaffin's other groundbreaking work, from his global efforts to eradicate disease to his desire for a local version of universal health care. In these pursuits the straight-arrowed Dr. Jaffin found an angel in a notoriously crooked character of his day. 

Last Expanded and Edited July 24, 2019

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