Ricka McNaughton Writing, Photography

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Photo: "Angelfire" by Ricka McNaughton 

                              ​GENERAL GUIDE TO WEBSITE CONTENT


PUBLISHED ARTICLES contains links to samples of my professional short-feature writing. It's a little parking lot for some of my past work where you can peruse articles according to subject matter.    

BLOG, BARELY features stories on intriguing subjects that I occasionally write just for this site, along with some photography. When I lapse into a creative torpor, I find doing a post reinvigorating.       

Hop to the BLURBOSPHERE to see what I'm liking of late. I don't mean the social media sense of "like" as when a person snaps a selfie in the aisle of a supermarket, holding up a snack food, and you click "Like" and emote back: "Wow. Cheetos. Good choice." On my Blurbosphere I post substantive stories and blurbs about people I've come in contact with whose creative work, interesting deeds or moments of brilliance are my pleasure to share.   

What's the deal with the site name "The Insufficient Skeptic"?  
It just came to me, like a faux-hip, inscrutable garage band name. Had I consciously worked that vein I could have named the site InfluenzerShots or Gangsta Inksta.  ​I do believe that over time, the habit of rigorously-exercised journalistic skepticism can predispose you to see things in a narrower way. Sometimes it's better to suspend skepticism and thereby increase your chances of glimpsing the unexpected and the underappreciated.